Thursday, March 5, 2009

Statistics and Alternatives

1. The Hamline Midway Library provides highly cost-effective services.

With a small staff, and small square footage, the H-M Library compares favorably with other branches in terms of services provided:

• 4th in gate count per FTE;
• 4th in number of non-library meeting room events;
• 5th in circulation per FTE;
• 5th in information and reference provided per FTE;
• 5th in number of adult attendance at library programs;
• 8th in number of juvenile attendance at library programs.

The Hamline Midway Library also ranks 1st in the number of patrons who walk to the library!

2. Most of the savings incurred in closing Hamline Midway would be related to FTE.

FTE stands for a "Full Time Employee," which is the bulk of the cost for running the Hamline Midway Library.

• Closing HM Library saves $345,000.00 / year.
• $332,230.00 of HM Library yearly costs are related to FTE.
• Only $12,932.00 of yearly HM Library costs are related to building maintenance.
• Reduction of FTE costs can be accomplished without closing any single facility.

3. Alternatives to closing Hamline Midway Library.

Our goal is to reduce overall library costs without closing the Hamline Midway Library.

Alternatives to consider include:

• Supplement FTE with volunteers or work-study students, both at HM Library and the other small branches;
• Reducing hours or days of operation across the library system;
• Raising private / community funds to cover materials costs (including donation bins, such as those at Como Zoo).

We are in the process of working with the Library Director to obtain more specific data in order to provide more specific (dollar amount) proposals.

In summary, closing Hamline-Midway Library would save a minimal amount in building maintenance ($12,932.00 / year) while having a disproportionate negative impact on our neighborhood's culture, livability, property values, and economy. Reduction of FTE costs can be accomplished more equitably than closing an entire facility in one neighborhood.

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